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You Deserve a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully is tricky for women, especially when dealing with sleepless nights and “personal summers” (hot flashes due to menopause). For many of you, the effects of menopause can begin as early as your 30’s and 40’s. Without a proper night’s rest, you may feel anxious and irritable, and may find it difficult to function at your best as you tend to family, work and yourself.

Helpful hints include wearing lightweight breathable nightwear, sleeping in a cool room and using breathable bedding, such as bamboo sheets for perfect sleeping comfort. Breathable fabrics enhance evaporation of moisture to keep you cool in the summer and dry and warm under an insulating layer in the winter.

Good Bedding Can Go a Long Way

There are some basic differences between everyday bedding and bamboo bedding, and you only need to spend one night in bamboo sheets to feel the difference. Bamboo sheets are perfect for those of you who have a taste for soft and silky luxury and personal comfort. An inviting sleeping experience is central to having a great night’s sleep.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to luxurious bedding. You will be sure to improve the quality of your sleep, your mood and your life.

Qualities that Distinguish Sheets made from Bamboo

  •  Soft, silky and sensuous
  •  Thermal regulating
  •  Non-allergenic
  •  Easy care
  •  Sustainable and more eco-friendly

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  1. Van Shron
    05/20/2017 at 09:16:39 AM
    Thank you Joy for the post on menopause and the breathability and comfort of bamboo fabrics.