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Time to Seize the Season with True Bedding Comfort

Pre-Menopausal Woman

It’s time to Seize the Season with the Pure Comfort of Bamboo Sheets

May 15, 2017

Congrats! We made it…all the way through winter.  It’s time to embrace sunshine filled days and carefree living.  What a great time for a fresh tune-up!  It’s always nice to keep our homes tidy, but there is no better time than the present for a “blast” of cleaning and officially step into the light.

Change Colors and Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Try refreshing your bedroom with a set of luxurious and ultra-comfortable bamboo sheets. Change up the colors to reflect, not only the more seasonal tones, but also your own unique “you”. New bed sheets and contrasting pillowcases are lovely in lighter colors. Mark Riddle, a design associate and brand liaison for Room & Board since 2011, agrees when he says that “the fastest way to freshen up your bedroom is by choosing new bed linens,” (Washington Post, National Post 2017)1

For other accents, consider changing from heavier reds and darker greens to pinks, yellows and lighter greens. White is always a winner, so use fresh whites, whether in bedding, towels, flowers or decorative pillow choices. And speaking of decorative pillows, they can be counted on to add the needed “zest”, and can be changed around easily to create a new feel to any bedroom.

Create Your Own At-Home Spa

You deserve the best in personal comfort. Blending essential oils with seasonal fragrances, or decorating with fresh flowers, will make your “at-home” spa special. Premium bamboo towels do double duty: help you dry off, as they are exceptionally soft and absorbent, and add a “pop” of color.  Why not try combining some new colors together, say sky blue, ivory and moss green bamboo towels?  “Spa-quality” plush bamboo bathrobes add a wonderfully luxurious touch, and coconut milk soap with its fabulous moisturizing qualities and glorious fragrance is an essential indulgence. Enjoy the season!

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