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Bamboo Sheets - Three Years of Regular Care

Care of Bamboo Sheets

Care instructions for bamboo sheets have always been included in shipments of bamboo bedding from Luxury Bamboo Bedding. The care instructions of choice, work well and specify very gentle care. (Care instructions can be seen in our blog "Bamboo Sheets - Easy Care" and were inspired by an on-line article at E-how.)

Sonia Shron's care instructions (below) are an alternative and have been used successfully for the past three years. Her instructions are more traditional, perfectly adequate and will not harm your bamboo sheets.

Sonia's Care Instructions:

Machine Washing:

- No bleach.

- Normal or delicate cycle

- Tide detergent as directed

- Do not overload the washing machine

Machine Drying:

- Permanent press or delicate setting

- Do not overload the dryer

- Fold as soon as dry

Even though Sonia has been caring for our bamboo sheets for three years without incident, in our opinion, the very gentle care instructions distributed with our bamboo bedding shipments, work well and will extend the life of your bamboo sheets. Sonia's comment after reading this blog (at least someone reads it) was: "Van, the bamboo sheets are really not that sensitive."

Until later,

Van Shron