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Bamboo Sheets Help People with Sensitive Skin

Bamboo sheets made a difference.

Bamboo Sheets and Poison Ivy

In a life time, I never had poison ivy, that is, until this past August when kayaking down Nogies Creek in the Kawarthas. My friends and I stopped for lunch and I settled down (brilliantly) in the middle of a poison ivy patch.

Like many people I had a huge allergic reaction to the urushiol oil common to poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Not only were the areas of skin that came in contact with the plants affected, but a secondary case of hives developed that covered my entire upper body (excluding my face and neck). After two and a half weeks of prednisone and few extra days I was fine and back to normal. 

So where do bamboo sheets fit into all this? My skin was super sensitive (allow me to emphasize the word super). Anything cotton like my t-shirts or our bedding that touched my skin felt prickly. Being in the bedding business, we use some of the finest cotton sheets on our beds. I was unable to sleep on them. What saved the day were our bamboo sheets. It is impossible to over-emphasize how soft and silky bamboo sheets become with continued usage. If you have bamboo sheets, you will agree with this statement: "Bamboo sheets are the most comfortable in the world to sleep on and they make a very positive contribution to one's sleep experience."

If you already sleep on bamboo sheets, you are fortunate. If you do not, then you are missing something special.

Catch some zzzzzz's, 

Van Shron


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