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Bamboo Sheets are Good for the Environment and Great for You

An Environmentally Friendly Source of Fiber for Bamboo Sheets

The Future is in Your Hands.  Don’t let it go to Waste

It has been said that Millennials, or “Gen Y” want to “make an impact”. 1 Does this mean that Millennials want to find joy and fulfillment on both personal and professional levels, as well as take an active role in leaving the world, and the environment, in a better state than where they found it?  The Ontario Electronics Stewardship has coined the catch phrase, “The future is in your hands. Don’t let it go to waste.”2

In a Nutshell, What Does Environmentally Friendly Mean?

At Luxury Bamboo Bedding, and Bamboo Sheets and More, our core team, including Sonia, Van, Mark, David, and Joy take pride in ensuring our natural resources are used wisely, and by providing you the opportunity to own bamboo bedding, bamboo being a very environmentally friendly source of fibre. Here is what you need to know:

  • Our bamboo sheets have an Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certification, meaning no trace chemicals 
  • Bamboo forests are sustainable and require no pesticides or fertilizers for growth
  • Bamboo forests grow aggressively and they do not require intense agricultural management, massive amounts of water, or mass expenditure of energy to re-seed every year

Doing Your Part to Lessen Environmental Impact is Simple

  • Don’t use bamboo fabrics advertised as anti-microbial as these fabrics have had a chemical treatment applied
  • Spread the word to friends and family and choose bamboo products such as bedding, duvets and covers, towels, bathrobes

This Means You

All of us, Millenials and the rest of us, need to remember that our consumer choices make a difference, and that we are in the position to leave the world a better place for our loved ones.  Next time you make a selection as a consumer, stop and pause.  Consider whether your purchase will assist in using our limited resources wisely, and whether your choice is contributing to making the world a better place for your childrens’ children.