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Bamboo Bedding and Bath Products Make a Difference

Bamboo Bedding Makes a Difference - "There is Nothing More Comfortable to Sleep On."

Being in the bedding business, I have access to the best bedding available. I have never asked my wife (pardon the chauvinism) if our high end St. Regis cotton sheets were on our bed, but I have asked about our bamboo sheets. On those occasions when bamboo sheets are not being used, they are sorely missed.

Compared to silk sheets, or very high quality cotton sheets, bamboo sheets are in a class of their own for excellent softness and comfort. I would go as far to say that they are the most comfortable bedding to sleep on. Better comfort translates to a more restful sleep. As I have grown older, and restful sleep has become more of an issue, the exceptional comfort of bamboo bedding has come to matter more.

Silk sheets are very comfortable (perhaps a bit to "slippery" for some people's taste), but care is an issue. Contrary to many claims, even 19 mommie silk sheets do not react well to repeated machine washing.

Most of our customers agree that bamboo sheets are actually easier to care for than their cotton sheets. One of our bedding experts has compiled some washing and drying instructions for bamboo bedding in case there is some interest. The instructions are in a blog post entitled: Bamboo Bedding - Easy Care.

For those who are concerned about the environment, the environmental benefits of bamboo as a source of fiber for bamboo bedding are consistent with an ever increasing need to make sound ecological choices. See our two blog posts on "Bamboo Bedding - The Ecological Narrative".

Until later,

Van Shron

President -