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Bamboo Bedding - The Ecological Narrative

Bamboo Sheets - The Source of FiberBamboo Bedding - The Ecological Narrative:

Is bamboo bedding more friendly to the environment than cotton? The simple answer is yes. The source of fiber for our 100% bamboo bedding is the cellulose from bamboo plant tissue. Compared to cotton, bamboo is a very ecologically friendly source of fiber. Cotton requires fertilizer, an inordinate amount of insecticide and re-planting every year (in spite of the fact that cotton is a perennial.)

The environmental benefits of bamboo as a source of fiber are consistent with an ever increasing need to make sound ecological choices. Bamboo is a woody, perennial member of the grass family that has a wide range of environmental applications, including carbon sequestration, wastewater reuse, and soil and water erosion control. Like your lawn, bamboo regenerates without the need for re-planting. It does not require the intense agricultural management and expenditure of energy to re-seed every year. Bamboo is sustainable and an excellent source of fiber for our bamboo sheets.

Bamboo grows without the need of fertilizer (that can taint the watershed with harmful chemicals). It can take almost a 1/3 of a pound of synthetic fertilizers to grow one pound of raw cotton, and it takes just under one pound of raw cotton to make one t-shirt. Think about it. The bamboo plants that provide fiber for our bamboo sheets do not require fertilizer.

Bamboo grows without the need of insecticides. Cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land yet uses 16% to 25% of the world's insecticides, more than any other single crop. The bamboo plants that provide fiber for our bamboo sheets are, in fact, grown without the use of insecticide.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and one of the most efficient consumers of CO2 and producers of O2. The process is known to us as photosynthesis. With the help of chlorophyll, plant cells in green plants like bamboo, use the energy of the sun to extract carbon from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create plant tissue and life sustaining oxygen. Bamboo plants absorb 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide and generate about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Rapid bamboo growth is good for the environment and bad for greenhouse gases. The bamboo plants that provide fiber for our bamboo sheets are the heart of the good ecological narrative associated with bamboo bedding.

What is the meaning of bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon? Is bamboo bedding easy to take care of? These questions will be addressed at a later date.

Until later,

Van Shron


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