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500 Thread Count Bamboo Sheet Sets. So this is heaven.

Skiing in Utah and Our New 500 Thread Count Bamboo Sheets: 

Luxury Bamboo Bedding is proud to introduce a new bedding product that sets the standard for personal comfort and bedding luxury. Our 500 thread count bamboo sheets have to be tried to be appreciated. They are wonderfully soft and silky (though not slippery like silk), and have a pleasantly substantial hand feel. They are easy care and get softer and more luxuriously comfortable with each and every wash. 

Our 500's are breathable (with a very high wicking coefficient), and will keep you cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter (under an insulating bamboo duvet). They are the result of years of development and are designed for your maximum personal comfort. There is no better way to ensure that your sleeping environment will be optimized for restful sleep.

Regarding care, this luxury bamboo product is robust and will wear extremely well for many years without pilling or shrinking.

So what does this have to do with skiing in Utah. Skiing at 9500 feet (it is difficult to breathe, let alone ski) is a challenge for sea level dwellers like myself. This past April, at 67 years of age, I was skiing like a kid on Hawkeye on Flagstaff Mountain in Deer Valley. After three hours (my limit), I was still so exhilarated barreling down Hawkeye that I had to yodel. When you feel that way at age 67 you have to be thankful.

Very much a part of my high energy level at this stage of life is that I sleep like a baby. Restful sleep is key to good health, and we all know that. Do not in any way underestimate the value of a wonderfully comfortable and inviting bedding environment. Our luxurious 500 thread count bamboo sheets are very conducive to having a "restful and regenerating" good night's sleep. Believe it.

Snoozin' and cruisin, 

Van Shron

Luxury Bamboo Bedding