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About Us

The Home of Soft, Silky and Comfortable Bamboo Bedding

Welcome to Luxury Bamboo Bedding, the home of soft, silky and comfortable bamboo bed linens

In 2002, traveling in the backwoods of South East Asia, my business partner and I discovered a manufacturer of bamboo viscose fabric. The fabric was produced from 100% bamboo fiber. We were immediately struck by its luxurious softness and silkiness. It was naturally smooth and lustrous. We knew that our customers would love it and that bamboo fabric would be important to suppliers of bamboo sheets and bamboo apparel.

As we did our due diligence it was intriguing to discover that bamboo as a substrate was sustainable and more environmentally friendly than cotton, and that in fabric form, bamboo viscose delivered function without the need for chemical additives. Click here to learn more about bamboo. The environmental benefits of bamboo as a source of fiber for our bamboo sheets were consistent with an ever increasing need to make sound ecological choices.

So began a fascinating journey of introducing the wonders of bamboo sheet sets to our customers in the United States and Canada. The natural characteristics of the fabric were a wonderful compliment to our efforts to provide our customers with a unique bamboo bedding product and a new standard in bedding comfort.

It took the efforts of three textile industry experts, each with years of experience in luxury bed linens, fine fabrics and fashion apparel to ensure that our customers would receive excellent quality, fashion and reliability. Through careful engineering, we took steps to enhance the natural silky softness of the bamboo bedding. Luxury Bamboo Bedding’s Classic 320, Premium 350 and Ultra 500 thread count bamboo sheets and bamboo duvet covers incorporate long staple yarns in an ultra-fine twill weave and have an unrivaled silky soft and lustrous sateen finish. Since the introduction in 2004 of a complete collection of bamboo bed linens, our product has evolved into its current luxurious form that resists pilling and does not shrink. Our efforts to engineer our bamboo bedding for our customer's personal comfort and long term use were very successful.

Your sleep environment is an important personal retreat where you will spend almost a third of your lifetime. It should be an oasis of comfort to recharge and restore your life-energy. It has been a source of pride that our silky soft, high quality bamboo sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers have added quality, comfort and luxury to the sleep experience of our customers. Pamper yourself. Sleep in comfort and luxury in duvet covers and sheet sets from Luxury Bamboo Bedding. You deserve it.

Have a luxurious day,

Van William Shron


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